How crypto investors can make fast, repeatable profit in 2022 using a Sniper Bot

Using a Pancakeswap Sniper Bot can make fast profits if you follow our simple rules

Buy low and sell high. It sounds easy, so why do so many crypto investors get this so wrong?

It’s no secret that the key to making the biggest profits in crypto is buying at the earliest point possible to get the lowest price possible and then selling when the price pumps. We have created a toolkit that helps any investor achieve this and a simple strategy that allows them to repeat it over and over again so they can build capital to invest in other projects, or recover losses fast.

But making money this way has become a lot harder in 2022; the market is bearish, crypto projects are more protective over launches so increase the number of antibot measures, and the more hyped launches are very competitive.

So what is the secret to making fast profit using a Sniper Bot in 2022?

The answer is very simple: don’t focus just on Pancakeswap and BSC.

Make money in 2022 with pancakeswap sniper bot
Start thinking bigger and you will make more profit

When we developed Polybot, we focused on building something that helps investors catch early trends and early price entries by focusing on features that allowed them to gain a competitive advantage.

We’re helping investors move away from just using a Pancakeswap Bot and expand their horizons away from BSC

Jack Wood, Riverrun

Whilst most new crypto investors will be attracted to just BSC and Pancakeswap because of price volatility and the volume of project launches etc. you need to think bigger and look across a whole range of blockchains to make the best profit.

Our ultimate goal is to help crypto investors expand their horizons and look outside of comfort zones such as BSC to make profits “we want to level the playing field for average crypto investors and inspire them to find better and safer opportunities to invest and make money. Every investor hates the guy who gets the most profit using a sniper bot, but we want to go against the grain and help you BECOME that guy as too many people are losing money because they buy the top. Our software nearly guarantees you a good price but that’s the easy part. The special part is that we enable you to customize our sniper bot so they can snipe on any new DEX the moment it launches which means they can be among the few competing for the early prices — this is one of the best ways to make fast profits in crypto.

Pancakeswap sniper bot profit
Versatility is the key to making money with a Pancakeswap Sniper Bot in 2022

In Polybot we have built the most versatile sniper bot on the market and the most comprehensive package that also allows customization via its Agility Mode; a unique feature that enables you to snipe any DEX from the moment it launches without waiting for developers to adapt the software for you.

Polybot’s Agility Mode aims to demystify the complexity surrounding this type of software by putting the power back in the hands of the user, giving you full control and full confidence that they can operate without relying on a third-party development team.

While many investors focus only on major DEX launches such as Pancakeswap, there are far easier gains being made on newer DEX launches that only a handful of investors have the tools for. Fewer sniper bots means less competition for you and Polybot equips you with all the tools and expertise you need to get ahead of the competition and make bigger profits on a number of niche opportunities.

Here are our top 5 tips to make money in 2022 using a Pancakeswap Sniper Bot:

  1. Upgrade to a faster node if you can afford it. Free public nodes like Chainstack are great but if you want the best prices on BSC and Pancakeswap you need a full private node.
  2. Do your research. You need to be committed to putting in at least 2 hours per day on finding new projects (watch our video tutorials) and understand the specifics of the smart contract such as antibot measures and launch taxes.
  3. Try to find new DEX launches away from Pancakeswap. If a new DEX launches on BSC or another network, these are often the best opportunities for big profit as there will be less competition.
  4. Find a sweet spot of hype versus profit opportunity. Stay away from big launches and tiny stealth launches that could be risky. Find a middle ground where you can get good buy pressure and take profits early.
  5. Beware large presales. If a project has a large presale, it’s likely there will be a large dump on launch. Stay away from these launches and focus on projects with smaller presales and larger opportunities for buyers at launch.