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Join hundreds of crypto investors making fast profits. Polybot is the leading sniper bot to get the lowest price entries and make gains on any IDO or token launch on any blockchain and any DEX.

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We will build you a custom bot for any chain on DexScreener

What is a Pancakeswap Sniper Bot?

Did you know a project launch is the only moment in a cryptocurrency's entire lifecycle where its price is guaranteed to pump?
Polybot automatically buys for you the moment a project launches and then sells so you can make fast profit and repeat this over and over.

Build Your Capital​

Use bot software to make fast, repeatable gains and build more capital to invest in other projects.


Low pricing to allow anyone to achieve fast profits on hundreds of crypto launches.

Longterm Profits​

Achieve the best price entries possible at IDOs and token launches for longer-term holds.

Just $299

Comprehensive Pancakeswap sniper bot with Honeypot and Antibot protection, Agility Mode (snipe any contract method or any DEX from the mempool) and pre-sale-to-launch sniper (Pinksale, DX, Unicrypt).


The Ultimate Sniper Bot Toolkit

Making money in crypto is easy if you can buy low and sell high. What if you had a crypto sniper bot that could automatically get you the lowest price entries on any IDO and sell sniped tokens quickly to make you fast gains in any market conditions?
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Learn how to make fast, repeatable gains

The number 1 reason why crypto investors lose money is because they chase 100x pipe-dreams and buy at the wrong time.
We created this crypto sniper bot toolkit to help any investor make regular profits by aiming to change their mindset, be patient, and focus on newer blockchains where there are less bots, less scams, and easier opportunities to make realistic and repeatable gains.
Gains using Polybot can range anywhere from 50 to 900% per snipe.
We always recommend you start small with low risk, but even achieving small profits can be a game-changer for you once you learn to repeat this over and over:

Demo Video: 90% profit in 1 minute!

In this video we show you a quick snipe during bearish market conditions with a fast 90% profit BUT also a huge missed opportunity as we sold early and missed out on an easy 10x!
This was a good example to demo as it shows the huge opportunities in the market right now, but also the importance of always doing your research!

A sniper bot you can adapt for any launch

Polybot is the only sniper bot available that allows you to adapt for any launch on any EVM chain. Snipe any new DEX or any custom Method ID from a smart contract – this unique package not only inspires you to expand your horizons away from just using BSC and Pancakeswap, but will also equip you with the complete crypto sniper bot, knowledge, and strategy to make easier profits.

Safety & Transparency

None of our bots use EXE applications that put your seed phrase at risk and there is no risk of us abandoning you. Our code is transparent and you own it. Offering 3 levels of antibot protection and a honeypot checker for ultimate safety on nearly every launch.

Speed & Convenience

Polybot scans the mempool (where possible) and buys automatically for you at the earliest point. Custom node and WebSocket (WSS) Compatability, wide token pair support that allows you to snipe any launch on any network regardless of which liquidity pair is added.

Agile & fully adaptable

If you need to wait for a Dev to add a new DEX, you've already lost. We give you the complete toolkit and knowledge you need to snipe on any niche, new, or launchpad DEX so you don't need to wait for us and can always stay in control to get ahead of the competition.

Crypto bot advantage: get the edge on your competition with our Agility Sniper Bot

The power to customize for bigger profit

Polybot is the only sniper bot available that gives you the ability to adapt and customise to snipe for any launch on 23 different blockchains where there is less bot competition and higher profit potential.
Polybot's Agility Mode allows you to snipe any contract MethodID or any new DEX the moment it launches.

Snipe Any Contract MethodID

Polybot allows you to snipe any contract MethodID from the mempool (pending transactions) and you can access our database of over 8,000 different functions which is regularly updated to ensure you are able to snipe any launch from any verified contract on 24 blockchains.
Asset 1Any Meethod

Snipe Any New DEX

New DEXes are launching every month on every chain and Polybot allows you to adapt quickly to snipe any DEX the moment it launches. No waiting for a dev to update, we give you power to adapt and customise yourself to make profits where there are less bots.

Are sniper bots risky and how can you maximise the opportunity?

Knowledge is key to your success

Remember, a sniper bot is just a tool and it doesn't operate itself! If you want to be successful in consistently making money doing this, you have to be willing to learn so you are able to make good decisions, stay in control, and don't rely on anyone else. Polybot fixes this with education.

12 Video Tutorials including:


Download The Polybot Demo Bot!

Asset 4Demo2
The perfect way for you to practice sniping on the blockchain; build your knowledge and gain confidence with our demo bot before you start making real money with the full package. It is fully functional but restricted to just basic liquidity add transaction snipes on Pancakeswap so perfect for practicing before stepping up to the next level!
  • Free Version
  • Full Version
Feature Free VersionFull Version
$See below
Snipe MethodsBasic LiquidityComprehensive/Advanced
BlockchainsBinance Smart Chain23 Blockchains
Pair TypesWBNBAll Pair Types
Antibot ProtectionDelay3 Levels
Honeypot Checker
Buy & SellJust BuyBuy & Sell
Approve to Buy/Sell
Download NowBuy Now


New World Snipe Package now available!

Our market-leading package includes sniper bots for all major DEXs on the fastest growing networks, featuring 23 different blockchains and over 40 DEX. This package is the most comprehensive and affordable available on the market and the only sniper bot that allows you to snipe any mode on any DEX.

Snipe all major DEX

Everything you need to get the best price entries on the all the major DEXs on the fastest growing networks. If you do your research, you will always have opportunities.

Snipe any new DEX

If a new DEX launches tomorrow, our Agility Sniper Bot allows you to adapt and get the best price entries. No waiting for updates from us, we allow you to stay in control so you can always be ahead of the herd.

Snipe from Presale

Presale launchpads are a trend that will keep on growing in 2022 and you will have all the tools to snipe launches from Pinksale, DX, and Unicrypt, including most presales from project's own websites.

Just Added!

Evmos sniper bot now available! Evmos is bringing the world of Ethereum-based applications and assets to the interoperable networks of the Cosmos ecosystem. Lots of potential for Agility snipes on this chain.
Kardiachain Sniper Bot

Just Added!

We have now added Kardiachain Sniper Bot!
Kardiachain is one of the most popular and promising blockchains in Vietnam and South East Asia and has a vision for mass adoption in these fast growing markets.


The most comprehensive and affordable sniper bot available!

If you have any questions please send us a message on Telegram, email us, or if you would prefer a video call to meet our team – we will be happy to answer any questions you have before purchasing. To purchase, follow the button below and make sure you are on a desktop computer. 






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Market is tough but...

Rated 5 out of 5
July 9, 2022

I’m Italian and struggle with English language but the support team in Polybot are amazing and really helped me learn about this market and improved my knowledge of crypto. I learn so much from them

Market is tough right now but you can still make money if you find good projects.

This is still one of the best bots on the market but just find good opportunities.


Value for money

Rated 5 out of 5
April 19, 2022

Insane value for the price – basically all the features and more you would get for $1000 in other bots


Number 1 Sniper bot on the market!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 31, 2022

This is the best Bot on the market!

Take your time and read the guides and watch the youtube guides!

And the team behind this are wonderful, they are patience and help with the most!

I made my first big profit today!

“Patience is the key to success”

Thank you Polybot! <3



Rated 5 out of 5
March 27, 2022

Custom modes are great, especially with contract methods – this is the biggest difference for me.

I’ve seen other bots where you are so limited with this, but you can literally snipe anything as long as you can see the contract function.

Advice to anyone – make sure you get a good node especially if you want to snipe on BSC!


Support is excellent

Rated 5 out of 5
March 12, 2022

Lots in the package – could be charging a lot more for this but I’m not complaining…

Support from the team is very good – always get fast answers and help



Rated 3 out of 5
March 8, 2022

How come Polybot doesnt have telegram or discord. Every serious bot developer has it..


Response from Polybot

Hey Viktor, thanks for visiting our website. We don’t currently have a community (we may have in the future just for knowledge base) purely because we’re trying to move this type of software away from a black market thing that’s sold underground via TG groups etc. and make a more professional service like a legit software company – we want to offer everything you would expect to get from a software/SaaS business.

This includes:

1. Presale video calls offered to all potential customers so they can meet us one on one and we can answer any questions (nobody else is offering this level of transparency) and cover any concerns

2. Focus completely on proper training (video tutorials) and tech support to equip users so it’s not run via a group that could disappear or close at any time.

3. Taking this to the next level in terms of professionalism – that’s why our investment in marketing and training is much bigger than our competitors.

4. Equipping our users to be self-sufficient and make their own decisions – we don’t believe in the concept of snipers sharing with each other – we see this as a competitive thing and our goal is to help make you money.

Let us know if you want a chat – @polybot_support


Rated 5 out of 5
March 7, 2022

Testing to see if this is real lol

Looks really good though



Rated 5 out of 5
February 27, 2022

No one else doing what these guys are doing!


Totally changed my way of thinking

Rated 5 out of 5
January 20, 2022

I still use my other bot for some launches but this one is better overall because of the ability to adapt!


Very Good

Rated 5 out of 5
December 29, 2021

Easily one of the best bots on the market now purely because of the number of networks and DEX


How do you get the best from your crypto bot?

Contact us if you have any questions or need support

If you have any questions, would like to set up a call, or require any support, please use the form below or contact us on Telegram: @polybot_support

New World Snipe Package: Updated list of Sniper Bots:

Blockchain Available To Snipe

Available DEX On Polybot




WannaSwap | Trisolaris


Trader Joe | Pangolin | Baguette

Binance Smart Chain



UbeSwap | SushiSwap


CronaSwap | VVS Finance | Swapp Protocol | CrowFi | CroDex | MM Finance


SpookySwap | SpiritSwap | WingSwap








MIMO | ZoomSwap




KuSwap | KoffeeSwap


NetSwap | Tethys


Solarbeam | StellaSwap | BeamSwap






CherrySwap | KSwap | JSwap


QuickSwap | SushiSwap | CafeSwap | Vulcan DEX








MilkySwap | MuesliSwap


Diffusion | Cronus | EvmoSwap

Top 4 Factors That Determine Potential Profit With a Crypto Sniper Bot

1. Competition

If there are lots of snipers going after the same project, your objective of making big profits becomes more difficult to achieve because the more people fighting over the first blocks, the less chance of success. That’s why we always advise not to share your research with other snipers – it’s just stupid and will cost you profits. The most profitable opportunities are often those with fewer bots as the buy pressure can achieve a more sustained pump. 

2. Project Hype

If a project has limited hype it means too few buyers will buy at launch to get a huge pump so it will limit your potential profit. Find a sweet spot that has good hype but not too much so it will be really competitive. You can identify hype by looking at the number of social media followers (however this can be faked) or by visiting the project’s Telegram group or Discord to see how many people are online in the group or are in the voice chat. Remember – crypto projects want you to believe they are hyped to convince you to invest so they will often go out of their way to fake followers with bots.

3. Anti-bot Measures

If a project has extensive anti-bot measures then it becomes very difficult to make high profits, however, a good sniper bot can overcome at least some of these measures by utilizing block delays or custom contract functions. Binance Smart Chain projects often have lots of anti-bot measures to overcome such as high tax and blacklisting in early blocks, but newer blockchains don’t tend to have a lot of antibot in place. This is one of the major reasons why some of the best profits are currently being made on newer blockchains with fewer anti-bot measures.

4. Presales

If a project has undergone a large presale then this can affect the launch price in a number of ways. A presale too large could exhaust the number of potential investors who will buy at launch meaning the price action won’t be too high. This is why you need to pay attention to the number of investors who have taken part in a launchpad presale (e.g. Pinksale). For larger IDOs (such as BSCPad) this isn’t such as issue as they always attract a large number of investors for launch. It is important to consider the timing of presale claims, however. If presalers can claim their tokens before or at launch, this can have a significant effect on the buy pressure, as they often look to sell their token as soon as they can to make a quick profit. This can be bad news for crypto snipers as lots of sells in the opening minutes will obviously limit the potential to make bigger profits.