“Are we in a bear market?” and “can you make money in a bear market?” are two of the most common questions I’ve seen in the cryptoverse over the last 6 months, especially from new investors.

Well, the answer to the first question is of course, yes — we are certainly in a bearish market phase right now, and you can debate the definition of “bear market”, the full scale and likely direction of this until your heart’s content, but I’m not here to focus on that.

I’m here to tell you that you can certainly make repeatable profits in a crypto bear market and the principles of doing so are no different to a full crypto bull market! Yes, the opportunities are fewer and the pumps are smaller and not sustained over long periods of time, BUT if you have the right strategy and you have the right tools, it’s just as easy now as it was at any time of the 2021 bull market.

First, let’s look at the current situation and where the opportunities are for profit…

If you have watched the price action for most altcoins in the last 4 months, it has only gone one way — South. Old Man Bitcoin has been slightly more exciting in patches, moving up and down with large dumps followed by relief rallies with no real strength, but it’s totally clear that in current market conditions, we are going to continue to see high volatility and investing in established tokens is just not a good idea. IF you want to make gains.

But there is one place that always offers the chance of fast profit and great pumps and it’s still the case even now during the bear market…

…Token Launches

Token launches are the one time in a cryptocurrency’s lifecycle where a pump is damn well guaranteed. It’s just science. The hype and buy pressure from a token launch means the chart is only going to move one way (for a short time at least).
And because of the nature of liquidity generation through presales and launchpads, the 1-minute charts (nearly) always have a familiar look:

So, it’s clear looking at most token launches there is a sweet spot in the opening minute and the following 1–2 minutes where you can make “easy” profit IF you have the ability to buy the very moment the token launches (more about that in a minute) and then sell for a profit before the pre-salers et al start dumping their tokens and it finds a price floor over the following days before either moving up again via marketing or just dying and getting rugged.

How much profit depends on a number of factors including the amount of hype and buy pressure, the amount of liquidity added at the start, and of course the level of sell pressure that follows the launch. But typically you can make anything from 50–900% profit in that opening couple of minutes IF you have the right tool and the right strategy.

The right tool is using the best crypto bot available

To achieve the goal we mentioned above, we need a crypto bot that scans the mempool (listening to pending transactions) and then buys the very second liquidity is added then awaits the target profit level before selling automatically. These two simple actions of buying low and selling high at incredibly fast pace, are simply impossible for anyone trading on a DEX directly and this is where the advantage lies. This is the only way this strategy can work.

Polybot is the best crypto bot for achieving this objective, as it not only provides you with the software toolkit to achieve the buy and sell at speed, but it provides you with the education, the agility to snipe any DEX the moment it launches, and a huge range of different blockchains to capitalise on.

Polybot is one of the most transparent and secure crypto bots of its kind as it doesn’t use an EXE application to run which puts your seed phrase at risk and leaves you at the mercy of a developer who could leave you stranded at any time. With Polybot, you own the code and there is no danger of anyone abandoning you or stealing your seed phrase through a dodgy app.

The right strategy is finding the most profitable opportunities

One of the most important elements of making this whole thing work, is understanding the when, what, and where — when is the right time to snipe a project? What projects are the best to make the most profit? And where is the best place to snipe in terms of blockchains and DEX?

The biggest challenge for any sniper using a crypto bot is overcoming any security measures put in place by project owners such as anti-bot tax, or blacklisting.
The best solution to this is to avoid it altogether by focusing completely on newer blockchains where these measures just don’t exist (currently).

Some newer blockchains such as Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom are at the stage Binance Smart Chain was at a couple of years ago which means they’re potential gold mines for investors with the right tools — there are less bots, less scams, and less chaos which all means more potential gains for you.

Polybot is completely focused on newer blockchains (currently featuring 21 blockchains and over 40 DEX) and provides you with a chance to get ahead of the herd, away from the chaos of Binance Smart Chain where there is less competition.

Final Thoughts

As with anything in crypto, there are always risks and any potential investors should always do their best to educate themselves and any opportunity, but we believe that is one of the best methods to make repeatable profits in what is otherwise a boring market right now.

And, yes! Everyone hates a “sniper”, “bots”, or anyone who has an “unfair advantage”. Well, a crypto bear market isn’t a popularity contest, and it’s not about playing fair. It’s about survival — building capital to invest when the right price entries come, and recovering losses from the May crash or a bad experience with a project scam or rug.
In fact, being able to survive is true at any point of a crypto market cycle; this is the wild west and deep down, that’s the reason we all love it. If it wasn’t wild, the opportunity to make huge gains just wouldn’t exist.