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Before Binance Smart Chain became congested, it was an absolute gold mine for crypto investors, mempool sniping project launches in the heat of the bull run.
And yes, you can still make great profit on Binance Smart Chain, but it’s now a lot more difficult. In fact, many pancake snipers and BSC investors struggle to make large profits because it’s overcrowded, dominated by whitelisted pre-sales and ultimately extremely difficult to get ahead of the competition.

So, is the Pancakeswap Bot dead?

When a market becomes crowded and lots of people are competing for the same thing, with the same tools, and the same strategy, it’s time to look outside and find a new space to play in. Does that mean you should forget about a Pancakeswap bot? Of course not. Binance Smart Chain and Pancakeswap is still the OG degen playground and it’s likely will be for the foreseeable future.
There are still lots of incredible projects and many of us cut our teeth there; in the last bull run, if you wanted a sniper bot Pancakeswap was the place to make an amazing profit. Even now, there are still great innovations and adaptations for sniper bots in this chain, but the smartest investors in the next bull run will be the ones with the most versatile toolkit and the best strategy. That means adding to your existing toolkit and expanding your knowledge beyond the blockchains you’re most comfortable with.

the smartest investors in the next bull run will be the ones with the most versatile toolkit and the best strategy.


The best crypto bot is the most versatile one

There is an obvious trend developing right now that shares similarities of the early Binance Smart Chain. Newer blockchains, with low gas fees are in the process of exploding with growth and there is a great opportunity to make amazing profits where there are less sniper bots, less scams, and less competition.

The reality is this won’t last for long. Just like BSC, more buyers will come in and things will become more competitive. People will realize that there are easier opportunities to make more profit on never blockchains and the cycle will likely repeat.

So what is the best sniper bot crypto investors should be looking at?

Our advice for anyone looking to make the best profits:

  1. Find opportunities where you can get a competitive edge. Newer blockchains, newer DEXes will have less crypto sniper bot action which means greater chances of success and more profit.
  2. This means when you’re sniping crypto, agility is key – you need a cryptocurrency bot that can adapt quickly to these opportunities and you need to acquire the knowledge to be able customise yourself without waiting for a developer to make these changes for you.
  3. Start small and focus on smaller, repeatable profits – don’t let greed or ego get the better of you. Profits from sniping projects can be exciting but never let it get to your head and always protect your investments with necessary measures to make sure you don’t buy at the wrong time or wrong price.
  4. Be prepared to walk away. You can spend a lot of time researching and sometimes get excited about a launch but never get emotional. If it doesn’t go to plan or something changes that puts you at more risk, walk away and move onto the next project.

Essential features you must have in a Pancakeswap Bot 2022:

  1. Advanced sniping methods – you need more than just a basic liquidity sniper. In 2022 most contracts launching on BSC require a bot that can snipe contract functions and a wide variety of open trading methods from the mempool.
  2. Custom node support – you must be able to use a bot that supports WebSocket and private node to enable you have the fastest buys and sells possible.
  3. Wide pair-type support – it’s essential you can buy with a wide range of crypto pairs to ensure effective snipes on as many chains as possible.
  4. Antibot protection. You need a variety of antibot protection methods that can allow you to bypass a range of measures including high taxes, blacklisting, and trading locks.
  5. Honeypot protection. Using a bot that can detect a honeypot before you buy is essential, especially on Binance Smart Chain.

The next phase for the crypto market will be very exciting. There will be a new gold rush, more adoption, more projects, and more opportunities to make big profits. We want to help you stop losing and start winning so if you want to learn more about Polybot, please get in touch