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Sniper Bot Crypto Toolkit

Once you own a sniper bot crypto opens up a whole new world beyond the typical investing behavior most are accustomed to. Without exception, the question we are asked most often, on a daily basis is “how much money can I make using a crypto sniper bot?”

The answer of course is “it depends”. There are many factors and we will cover them in this article.

Once you learn how to do this properly, the potential for gains is huge (we’ll cover this later), but there are a number of factors that will determine how much money you make using Polybot and we encourage everyone to understand them as much as possible before investing in bot crypto software like this.

A Crypto Sniper Bot is a powerful tool (but it’s still just a tool…)

Firstly, remember that this is a tool like any other – it still requires input and effort from you and it still requires you to operate it. So of course, it’s not as simple as just turning it on and you start to print money. Our software almost guarantees you a good price entry, but in many ways, this is the easy part.

You are responsible for finding projects, you are responsible for preparing your wallet with the right tokens, and you are responsible for choosing the correct parameters etc.

“We change our tools and then our tools change us.

Jeff Bezos
Crypto sniper bot tools

When we created this software we didn’t want to just create another bot crypto investors could use to ape into project launches. We wanted to create more value and give our customers something more so they could maximise their gains and also manage their risk. Anyone who uses Polybot is educated on how to make the most, but safest gains using a crypto sniper bot – this education is essential if you want to be consistently successful in making profit.

Top 4 Factors That Influence Success With A Crypto Sniper Bot

1. Competition

if there are lots of snipers going after the same project, your goal becomes more difficult to achieve. That’s why we always advise not to share your research with other snipers – it’s just stupid and will cost you profits. The most profitable opportunities are often those with fewer bots as the buy pressure can achieve a more sustained pump.

Crypto sniper bot competition

2. Hype

If a project has no hype it means too few buyers will buy at launch to get a big pump so it will limit your profit. Find a sweet spot that has good hype but not too much so it will be really competitive. You can identify hype by looking at the number of social media followers (however this can be faked) or by visiting the project’s Telegram group or Discord to see how many people are online in the group or are in the voice chat. Remember that a project wants you to believe it is hyped to convince you to invest so they will often go out of their way to fake followers with bots.

Crypto sniper bot hype

3. Anti-bot Measures

If a project has extensive anti-bot measures then it becomes very difficult to make high profits, however, a good sniper bot can overcome at least some of these measures by utilizing block delays or custom contract functions. Binance Smart Chain projects often have lots of anti-bot measures to overcome such as high tax and blacklisting in early blocks, but newer blockchains don’t tend to have a lot of antibot in place. This is one of the major reasons why some of the best profits are currently being made on newer blockchains with fewer anti-bot measures.

Crypto sniper bot antibot

4. Presales

If a project has undergone a large presale then this can affect the launch price in a number of ways. A presale too large could exhaust the number of potential investors who will buy at launch meaning the price action won’t be too high. This is why you need to pay attention to the number of investors who have taken part in a launchpad presale (e.g. Pinksale). For larger IDOs (such as BSCPad) this isn’t such as issue as they always attract a large number of investors for launch. It is important to consider the timing of presale claims, however. If presalers can claim their tokens before or at launch, this can have a significant effect on the buy pressure, as they often look to sell their token as soon as they can to make a quick profit. This can be bad news for crypto snipers as lots of sells in the opening minutes will obviously limit the potential to make bigger profits.


What Gains Can You Expect With a Crypto Sniper Bot?

  • Project with low competition and big hype – These are the best opportunities and can yield anything up to a 10x (900%) from launch in the opening couple of minutes
  • Project with low competition and medium hype – these are the most common opportunities on newer blockchains and tend to offer gains between 2-5x (100-400%)
  • Project with high competition, large hype, but anti-bot measures – these are most common on Binance Smart Chain and the gains tend to be much lower depending on the strength of your node – sometimes as low as 50%